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My Plays

The Mount

Full-Length, Two Act / 2F, 5M

It is the early 1900s, a woman is coming into her prime as a writer, individual, and thinker. However, she is married to a man whose mental capacity is failing.  She wants to become a writer, and she could become a great one, but it comes at the price of a choice.  Does she fulfill her duties to her husband, remain faithful and take care of him?  Or, does she choose herself, her writing, and her future?  That woman is Edith Wharton.


One Act / 1F, 1M

For the last week George has been unable to figure out why his wife Sarah keeps burning his morning toast and on this morning, it finally comes to a head.

Some Things Never Change

One Act / 1F, 1M

Alison has come to pick up some lingering belongings at her old apartment, where her ex Nicholas still lives.  Inviting her in to stay for dinner, Alison and Nicholas try and come to terms with their breakup.

A Clean, Well-Lighted Cafe

Full-Length, Two Act / 2F, 1M

Kate goes to the same bookstore cafe every week, but on this Friday night she meets David- who is interested in the books she has sitting on her table and hoping she is his blind date.  As David and Kate talk, David discovers Kate is not his date when the real date arrives, leaving all three in a predicament. 

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